Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sleep Tip #56: Solve Problems in Your Sleep

Did you know that dreaming may be the answer to all of your problems? Researchers have found that people can actually solve problems in their sleep! Dreaming can help us figure out solutions to puzzles that we face during the day. Dreams give us an abstract viewpoint of different problems we may have to solve, and these "outside-the-box" thoughts may help to find the answer.

A study conducted had college students pick a specific problem to try to solve in their dreams. The students focused on the question every night before they fell asleep and by the end of the week, 50% had dreamed about the problem while 25% had solved the problem in their dreams. That's pretty amazing! So next time you need some help with problem-solving, try doing it while you sleep!

See this article from msnbc.com for more information.

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